Electric Lawn Mower 2017 Review

Are you looking for a best electric lawn mower for sale? Then you are in the right place in review engineer. Our main focus is to give you the fair and good reviews of products to buy online. People are shopping online nowadays but the main problem they face is how to review a physical amazon product. So they search for reviews. Well, you are in the right place for electric lawn mower review.

There are basically two types of lawn mowers. The first type of lawn mower is pushed lawn mower. These type of lawn mowers are best for an area under half an acre. You need to apply some force to push them. Secondly, you have to ride lawn mower you just ride on them throughout your lawn. These types of machines are recommended for an area greater than half an acre.

Moreover, it also depends on your landscape. Some people have flat landscape and some have slopes and obstacles. There are also petrol lawn mowers and diesel lawn mowers. But we are going to review electric lawn mowers. These are the best choice if you have a small yard. Remember petrol lawn mower and diesel lawn mower are more powerful than electric lawn mowers.

Top 3 Electric Lawn Mowers of 2017 Review

These are our picks for best lawn mowers for sale.

  • EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower  Review

    Ego Power electronic lawn mower

The first pick for the electric lawn mower is EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion  best Cordless Lawn Mower – 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Kit a powerful electric lawn mower with extremely short recharge time and five years of warranty make it one of the best lawn mower.


Ego power 20+ comes with a powerful 56-volt Lithium-ion Battery give him 60 minutes of backup but still, it’s an average the battery time depends obviously on the height and thickness of the grass. Although the Lithium-ion batteries take two or more hours to recharge but ego power+ battery charged in just 40 minutes. It is also heavy but still, it’s manageable. Ego power+ lawn mower also has a battery indicator which tells you how much power is left. So you can easily know that you need to recharge the battery.


The manufacturer recommends using this electric lawn mower for larger size yards. It doesn’t mean it can,t mow larger yards but then you need some extra time to recharge the batteries before you finish.

The EGO + has a 21-inch cutting width which is on par with electronic lawn mowers. The wide cutting length allows you to mow larger area than other cordless lawn mowers this really save your time.

This electronic lawn mower offers cutting heights ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. This allows you to get best cut possible for multiple kinds of grass and because of its powerful battery grass is not a problem for EGO. You can easily adjust mowers deck height with a lever that lets your raise or lower the cutting deck.


This model is very convenient you don,t need to push it to move the mower. The mower starts with just a push of a button. If you have a large yard then this feature is very handy and useful. The mower also comes with a bailout bar if you released the bar the blades stop moving. This also gives you a mulching option it chops the grass and throws them back on the lawn.


This mower has a lightweight design. So anyone who needs lightweight electronic lawn mower this is for them. Along with its light weight, this mower comes with a 9-inch wheel on its base which helps you maneuver easily over higher cuts of grass and tight corners.

When you finishing mowing the bar collapse down and you can stand the mower up on end easily. The handle on the front of the cutting deck allows you to move or store the mower easily.

Warranty And Support

EGO cordless lawn mower offers five years of warranty for this model which is the longer warranty period offered by an electronic lawn mower manufacturer. You can download its manual and can buy its parts online from EGO website.

If you have any question or problems you can call EGO. It also has an online community where you can post and discuss problems with other EGO owners.

If your mower get damaged and needs to be repaired and you don,t know where to take it you can contact the support team and their representative will tell you the nearest service shop where you can take it for repair.


EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56 volt is a powerful and lightweight electric lawn mower available. Its powerful battery allows you to cut the toughest lawn. Its wide range cutting path makes it a good mower for your lawn care needs.

  • Ryobi Battery Lawn Mower Review

    RYOBI Cordless lawn mower

RYOBI cordless lawn mower is second in our list of the electric lawn mower. It is a cordless lawn mower which can handle tall grass and its batteries can be used to power other RYOBI Equipment. RYOBI RY40107A is a 20-inch 40-volt lightweight, brushless lawn mower ready to take care of your lawn. It is also eco-friendly than other gas lawn mowers which exhaust fumes and harmful emissions. This is a great cordless lawn mower as its battery can also power other RYOBI lawn equipment. That’s why it is second on our list. The main disadvantage is that it is not self-propelled.


RYOBI lithium-ion battery lasts up to 40 minutes. If you have a small lawn then it gives you enough time to mow your lawn. It also has a feature to add extra battery which gives you some extra power if you have a larger lawn. Its battery discharge quickly on thick and tall grass. Its batteries recharge quicker than others it takes 90 minutes to fully recharge the battery.


It is best for the lawn not larger than half an acre. It has a 20-inch cutting width and seven different cutting positions ranging from 1.5 to 3.75 inches. You can easily adjust the positions with help of a lever located on the left side of the mower deck. When you finish your work you can fold the handle and can easily store the mower. It is very useful if you have limited space in the garage.


The main disadvantage is that it is not self-propelled so you need to put some effort to mow your lawn. Unlike other gas lawn mowers, it starts with the only push of a button and runs quietly without disturbing you neighbors or exhausting any harmful fumes.

This is a good electric lawn mower comes with a mulching option that grinds down grass so you can reuse them for gardening instead of throwing them away. It also doesn’t need any yearly maintenance, unlike other petrol or gas lawn mowers.


RYOBI comes with a bag that collects grass as you mow.  As this is not self-propelled so it is difficult for you to mow on hills or steep grades. This weighs 55 pounds including the battery as it is light weight so it somewhat easier for you to mow this self-propelled mower.

Warranty And Support

RYOBI includes three years of limited warranty. You can locate a local service shop or other home depot or service center on their website to purchase its parts. This website also has a phone and email support and an FAQ page.


The RYOBI 40 volt 20-inch width cutting path electronic lawn mower is lightweight and self-propelled. It is best for the people who need efficient cutting and with short storage space. It is also capable of adding extra battery gives you some extra power and make an electronic lawn mower well considered.

  • GreenWorks Pro 80V GLM801601 Review

    Green works electric lawn mower

AT third position comes Greenworks cordless lawn mower Pro 80V 21 inch wide cutting cordless electric lawn mower. It comes with two batteries gives you an extra power to mow mid- or large-size lawns. At first glance, it looks like a race car due to its bulky design. GLM801601 is made of tough polymer but as it is not self-propelled it can be difficult to move it through hills or steep grades.


It comes with two 80V rechargeable batteries anyhow you have an option to buy this lawn mower with one or none battery. When the batteries are fully charged they run for 60 minutes each. The charger included charge batteries one at a time. The charger takes 30 minutes to charge a battery. With a single battery, mower runs for an hour so, you can mow 1/3 acre or more before you run out of power.


In addition to its long backup batteries, it also has a power-adjusting feature. Power-adjusting system monitors the power needed and adjust it according to the needs and extends the mower run time. The engine also directs extra power to dual blades to cut the thick grass quickly.



This electric lawn mower comes with two 10-inch wheels that help make the mower easy to maneuver. These wheels come handy as this mower is not self-propelled so you need to put your own strength to push it. If your lawn has hills or steep grades you should consider an electronic lawn mower with the self-propelled feature.


It weighs 62 pounds with an empty bag. This cordless lawn mower mulches your grass as you mow which adds valuable nutrients for your lawn. It also contains a bag to collect the clippings. The bag has an airflow tube which tells you when the bag is full and you need to empty it.

Warranty and Support

Greenworks pro GLM801601 comes with 4 years of warranty.


This is really a powerful 80V electronic lawn mower for mid to large-size lawns, with its long battery life and maneuverability. If you good to go with self-propelled lawn mowers than this cordless lawn mower is the best choice to consider.


At the end in our recommendation if you have no problem with budget then we recommend EGO Power+ as It has many features including long battery and fast recharge capability and also it is self-Propelled electric lawn mower. And if you have problem with budget than you can go with other two they have great performance but they are not self-propelled so you need to push them as you row.