Cool House Plans To Buy

Are you confused how to buy cool house plans for your House? Well, you are in the right place. In Review Engineer our main purpose is to provide people good and fair reviews of products. So, here we came with the review of different cool house plans.

Before you go to the reviews of best house plans for your home you need to see the five tips for buying a cool house plan.

If you are going for shopping for a house plan there are few tips you need to remember. In buying a plan for your dream house we seen every possible mistake makes people when choosing the plans for their house. If you have never purchased a plan in your life there are the things you need not do.

The Five Basic Mistakes People Make When Buying A Home Plan

Here Is short list of mistakes people make when they buy a house plan for their home.

1-    Quantity Vs Quality

If you have made a mistake in buying unique house plans which is higher than you budget but you insist on doing this anyway then you are in trouble. This is a very common mistake people make. The process of constructing a house is full of uncertain costs.

Which can make your budget exceeds your expectations this is not only dangerous but foolish. When you think that the things are going on the way like you want. Then any expected cost is a catastrophe for you. Then you try to reduce your cost by cutting some interior costs etc.The product, in the end, will not as your expectations.

2-     Bigger Eyes Than The Stomach

Sometimes people fall in love with a plan they can not afford. It is a good thing to be passionate about you home. But it will get messy when it comes to building the house. If you do not have enough budget to go with the plan drop it. Try to choose the cool house plans in your range. Which you can easily afford. Don’t waste your money on the plans you can not afford.

There is a famous saying “Kiss”(keep it simple silly)

3-    Cart Before The House

Sometimes people buy the family house plans before buying a land to build a house. This is full of unpleasant surprises. We have seen people buy house plans before buying a land and then they spend thousands of dollars to fit the house on their land.

One of my friends likes a plan and buy it before he buys the land then he spends about 3000$ to fit the house in the land.Because the land has a lake and some other restrictions including wetland etc.Never do this first buy a land and then buy a, plan suitable for your land.

4-    One Size Does Not Fit  All

If you think that you can buy a cool house plan and then can make changes during construction you are in trouble. Sometimes people buy plans and think they can easily change the design add a wall and other things this is not as simple as it sounds. Changing a plan is not a matter of some clicks it is a complicated structure governed by rules and regulations. Making changes in a basement will have effects on the structure of the roof. Always consult professionals before making any change in the plan.

5-    Surprised By Cost

Choose a plan carefully and according to your lot. Sometimes people are surprised to see that the cost of modification is two times than the cost of a plan.That is why because people make a plan and sell in stocks. But if you need a plan modified they need extra work and effort to work on the plan to meet your expectations. That is why it costs your higher than a regular sale price of a plan. Choose your plan wisely using the tips above and choose a good quality builder. Think you buy a suit in a rack half the cost of the suit tailor made for you. The same rule applies to a home plan

1. Best-Selling 1-Story Cool House Plans

cool house plans one story

This is for single story plans. Providing a combination of unique photography and illustrations. Best Selling single story cool house plans offers 400+ plans for best selling house designs. Well, I bought and try this planning guide it has great design homes from convention ranch houses to beautiful cottages. You can find a large variety of styles and sizes in this book.

You can find different tips and ideas to make a dream home for you family. If you are planning to build a single story house then this book will help you to build one. It also includes a section regarding your home decoration it will help you to build you to decorate your new home. And for each and every house shown, there are complete blueprints allowing you to build your home.

This Book will cost you just 8$.

2. Ultimate Book Of Cool House Plans

ultimate cool house plans

This book includes 730 home plans across the countries best architects and designers. With color photos of actual houses, floor plans, and design ideas. Almost all cool house ideas are offered including contemporaries, luxury estates, vacation retreats, farmhouses, cottages and regional specialties. Once you selected you home you can easily obtain customizable blueprints and all the details related cost estimate, material lists etc.

This plan will cost you about 13$.

3. Best-Selling House Plans (Creative Homeowner)

best selling cool house plans

Best-selling cool house plans offer 400 of our most-successful designs from leading architects and designers to choose for readers.200 plus gorgeous photographs allow’s reader to experience how houses actually built from designs. And contains stunning interior design blueprint,s available. Can easily customizable.

Almost all designs are offered virtually including country cottages, luxury estates, contemporaries, vacation retreats, farmhouses, and regional specialties I addition plan includes tips and suggestions on site selection and hiring the contractor and adding finishing touches as trim work and landscaping. This book is perfect for people looking to choose from a wide variety of styles and designs from the best architects and designers in the country.

This book will cost you about 9$.