Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

Almost everyone in this world loves to keep a pet. There is a wide range of animals that people can have in their house as their companions. While there can be other animals such as snakes, tigers, rats, etc, the dogs and cats are most common. If you have had a pet that is hairy, you will probably be aware of how much irritation those extra hair cause. Maintaining a healthy pet can be highly difficult. There are a number of things that you need to keep your eye at. And as the pets are hairy, you might have to clean off the hair from your house and it can be an extremely frustrating. Therefore, you can opt for the best vacuum for pet hair.

Why you need the best vacuum for pet hair?

Vacuum is probably the greatest tool for cleaning if you have carpet in your house. You can use it for cleaning the dirt of carpets, mats, and furniture. However, when it comes to pet hair, you need something that is particularly designed for it. While others may be able to remove dirt from the ground, the one specifically made to proceed with hair cleaning task seems a better choice. Here are our picks for the best vacuum for pet hair.

Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum


Bisel 1650A pet hair vacum

The Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser is among the best vacuums that you will find for pet hair cleaning. It utilizes modern technology and aids you in getting your home neat and clean. It comes with a decent suction system and takes just a little over 1000 watts of power. You can bag 1.5 liters of dust into this vacuum. The febrile eliminator filter makes it easy for you to throw the dust away. Moreover, it weighs only 18 pounds and is not too big. One can carry it easily and handle it without putting a lot of force. Furthermore, the 5 years warranty that comes along with the vacuum can take away your worries for a long time. The inclusive accessories are 2 lithium metal batteries, tools that are relevant to pet cleaning, LED-lit crevice tool and most significant of all, the Pet TurboEraser Tool.


The above are certain features that you will get in this hair cleaning vacuum. Now, let’s talk about some special features that make this equipment stand out among all others.

First of all, this best vacuum for pet hair comes with a brush roll which is designed to be tangle free. So, you do not have to stop the vacuum and clean the brush which is highly irritating while you are cleaning your house. You get the Quick Release Wand that ensures greater command and control over the cleaner. Moreover, the Smart Seal Allergen System traps everything inside and is highly helpful for people that possess any allergy to dust and such things. Last but not the least, the pet odor eliminator will help you in throwing away all the smell that might be present and clean in a healthy breathing environment.


Now, coming towards the cons and here we have a problem. The price tag that comes with this vacuum makes it unaffordable for some pet owners. Therefore, everyone is not able to put their hands on it. But you can say that, to some extent, it might be alright as the features are lavish too.

Bissell 9595A Vacuum with OnePass

best vacum for pet hair bisell 9595A

Bissell has made a name for itself in the vacuum industry thanks to the suction power and extravagant features that they give inside their cleaners. Here is another one from the company in the list of best vacuum for pet hair and this time it is Bissell 9595A Vacuum with OnePass. Bissell always manufactures machines with great suction power. The input you need to give to this vacuum will be 1200 watts. Moreover, if you got a big house, you can take help from this because the dust capacity is 2.27 liters. Multi-cyclonic filtration system allows you to keep a strong and steady suction power. With the weight of only 15 pounds, the dimensions allow a user to control it with ease. There is a warranty card in its box that states 2 years warranty for the product.

So, you have a 2 years assurance stamp on the machine. The Accessories coming alongside include the Twist and Snap Hose, Extension Wand, Dusting Brush and TurboBrush Tool.


The exceptional things that this best vacuum for pet hair gives you include its adjustable height. You can bring it up or down as per the requirement of cleaning space and your reach. Then you have the multi-cyclonic system ensuring a steady and strong suction all over the place. The Open Foot Window and Easy-empty Dirt Container are just a couple of things that makes your work a lot easier. The best thing is the cord wrap hooks that keeps your machine in touch with the power and automatic height adjustment option allows you to clean freely without worrying about the space and reach.


There are a few problems reported by some users in concern with this machine. First of all, the motor may turn too hot while you are cleaning. However, there is an understandable explanation to it as the motor works in concern with power and fluctuation in it can cause your machine to work inappropriately. Secondly, the problem occurs in cleaning when your motor shaft is not parallel to the beater brush. This is where things can become frustrating for the users.

Final words

So, this is some information regarding best vacuum for pet hair and some of our recommended products. Note that a machine may or may not be suitable for you depending on the circumstances and your requirements. However, these two have received a lot of positive ratings and are among the best sellers. Do consider that problems can occur even with the best things available to you and most of them has to do with inappropriate usage. Therefore, while you are using one of these or even any other pet hair vacuum, ensure that you read the user’s guide before proceeding.